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Aston Martin V12 Vantage S AMR Performance Pack

Original price $22,000.00 - Original price $22,000.00
Original price
$22,000.00 - $22,000.00
Current price $22,000.00
Unlock the power potential with the V12 Vantage S Performance Pack from Aston Martin Accessories. The V12 S Performance Pack delivers a power upgrade of up to 30bhp*. Magnesium manifolds coupled with a full length titanium exhaust produce increased performance with a spectacular soundtrack. The all-new carbon fibre diffuser blade completes this pack by giving your V12 Vantage S an even sportier look.

The V12 S Performance pack has an all new titanium exhaust system downstream of the manifolds. Incorporated within the system is a new design muffler developed using technology from the Aston Martin GT12, with improved gas flow which has been optimized to work in synergy with the new magnesium inlet manifolds to achieve maximum torque and power output improvements. Overall, the titanium exhaust system is almost 14 kg lighter than the standard steel V12 S system.

The V12S performance pack includes brand new cast magnesium inlet manifolds. The new design inlet manifold has enhanced airflow routing through internal fencing that increases air speed via a Venturi effect to provide more air to the inlet chamber as well as more evenly distributing air across the cylinder heads. As a result, there is improved response and power distribution through the engine speed range. Replacing the standard aluminum manifolds with lightweight magnesium also saves 1.6 kg.

Also included in the V12S performance pack is a brand new carbon fibre lower rear diffuser. The vertical vanes help to manage the transition of airflow as it exits from underneath a car, and smooths flow around the new titanium muffler, reducing drag and turbulence. The full visual quality carbon fibre completes the look and links back to Aston Martin’s GT products.