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Rolls Royce New Ghost Enhanced Clocks Retrofit

Original price $8,500.00 - Original price $8,500.00
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$8,500.00 - $8,500.00
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Three exquisite new clocks to enhance the look and feel of New Ghost. Each has its own distinct design, perfectly complimenting the interior ambiance of this motor car.


‘Dynamic’ Enhanced Clock

With a focus on purity of materials and simple graphical execution, the Dynamic Enhanced Clock is a true modernist statement. 

A chamfered surface is complemented with precision milled hour markers, with each quarter-hour illuminated for stunning emphasis.

‘Indulge’ Enhanced Clock

A jewel-like focal point, the Indulge Enhanced clock evokes the world of high-end luxury timepieces. 

Three dimensional polished aluminum chaplets and illuminated inserts denote a design with a beating heart of contemporary romance. 


‘Technical’ Enhanced Clock

The precision engineering heritage of our founder Sir Henry Royce is the inspiration behind the design of this clock. 

The central dial appears to float, allowing a subtle, diffused light to glow from behind, while the hands are meticulously machined from stainless steel.