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Maserati MC20 Protective Film Kit

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$250.00 - $250.00
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Essential on a high-performance car, Side Protective Films allow the driver to enjoy thrills at the wheel without holding back, with the paintwork protected from the risk of damage. The kit consists of shaped films that offer precise protection to the areas of the side of the car which may be at risk of damage from flying gravel.
Perfectly transparent and made-to-measure, the urethane layer does not become discolored over time, and does not modify the car’s original shade.
Available in matte or glossy versions to match the different car configurations*, films are applied with a water-based solution and can be easily removed, leaving no marks on the bodywork.
*Note: on the car’s standard configuration, the side skirts are matte, so the film must be applied in matte version. If the carbon fiber car exterior optional has been chosen, the side skirt is in glossy carbon fiber, so the glossy film must be applied.