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Maserati Grecale All Season Floor Mats with Edge

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The Floor Mats effectively shield the interior from contact with water, mud, sand and any other external agents. They are made of rubber, so they are waterproof, non-slip and easy to clean. The All Season Floor Mats are supplied in a kit composed of two front and two rear floor mats, which are shaped to precisely follow the carpet inside the car. Moreover, the Maserati Research and Development department and Quality laboratories have tested and approved the floor mats to ensure that they offer the highest safety and material performance.

Key features:

1. Geometry: each floor mat is shaped to precisely follow the car interior and avoid interference with the pedals and structural components of the car so that they remain very safe during use. Moreover, a special raised border enhances the protective function of this accessory.

2. Materials: each component in the kit is made of black rubber specifically to ensure maximum grip, both between the underside and the car carpet and between the top and the driver's feet, with which it is in direct contact.

3. Anchoring: the front floor mats have special clip anchor points to fasten them perfectly to the buttons provided as standard on the car carpet, while the rear floor mats fit perfectly into the geometry of the passenger compartment.

4. Design: the look of the components, made in collaboration with the Maserati Style Centre, features graphic symbols that recall some distinctive details of the car, such as the front floor mats with the Grecale logo on the sides, and the rear floor mats branded with the Trident.

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