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Maserati Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Original price $410.00 - Original price $410.00
Original price
$410.00 - $410.00
Current price $410.00
The Ski and Snowboard Carrier makes loading and unloading operations easier, and does not force you to stretch to reach the top of the roof, as it can be slid towards the outside. Opening is made easy thanks to large buttons, which can even be operated while wearing gloves, whereas the surface of the bars is padded to avoid damage to the equipment. Made of aluminum and featuring an aerodynamic design, the system can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, and is equipped with a lock.
Technical Specs:
- Loading width (cm): 60
- Max pairs of skis or snowboards: 6/4
To install the Ski and Snowboard Carrier, the vehicle must be equipped with the Roof Bars.
3-4 weeks lead time