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Bentley Tire Cradles

by Bentley
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If you’ve ever owned a vehicle that experienced dry rot or flat spotting then you know that both can take a nasty toll on your tires and your wallet.

Dry rotting and flat spotting happens to your tires when they sit for extended periods of time. While hanging out in your garage, they bear ¼ of the weight of your car which is about 1,500 lbs per tire or more. The polymers and radial bands acquire what’s called “creep”, which is when the part of the tire that’s been flattened begins to normalize in shape. Similar to the effect of over-stretching a rubber band, the tire will never really return to its original shape. Bentley Tire Cradles will prevent this from happening. Each cradle, made from a unique polymer, molds to the shape of your tires offering the utmost protection for when your vehicle is taking a break from the road

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