Mclaren Car Care Set
Mclaren Cleaning Set
Mclaren Cleaning Set
Mclaren Cleaning Set

Mclaren Car Care Set

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Our Car Care products are designed specially to cleanse, maintain and protect the quality materials used in your McLaren and enhance the natural shine. The McLaren Car Care Set includes the following:

McLaren Cleanse Shampoo

The rich foam from the shampoo gently lifts dirt and dust to restore the natural shine and provide a comprehensive deep clean. It also revives previously applied layers of McLaren Premium Wax to give the paintwork a high-gloss definition.

McLaren Cleanse Leather Cleaner

Specially formulated to restore the colour and softness of your leather trim, the cleaner produces a creamy lather that gently lifts engrained dirt, leaving your McLaren’s leather surfaces fresh and clean.

McLaren Maintain Glass Cleaner

An engineered solvent designed to specifically eliminate dirt, dust and grease, leaving your vehicle’s windows immaculate and streak-free, and allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead.

McLaren Maintain Detail Spray

For instant shine, the detail spray is a quick and easy way to add gloss and protection while keeping the exterior surfaces of your McLaren free from any unwanted marks.

McLaren Protect Leather Guard

The most effective way to prolong the life of your leather trim, our leather guard helps to protect from UV damage and restores its natural aroma.